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1 grav14.html#gra9
Renormalization procedure is every subsequent moment set up as new, without accumulation from one moment to the next, in grav14.html#gra9. There should be no building-up effect from one moment to the next. However, in sea4.html#sea3 paragraph Renormalization ARGUMENTS 1 and 2 point out the routes traversed by the virtual particles may or may be not dragged along in the act of gravity. Decision is not yet possible.
2 seaexp2#exper2 Speed of branching of localities/universes
2 seaexp2#exper1 There is one more peculiarity to view
2 seaexp4 solution of the riddle
4 timedir6 create [Figure] in middle of text of What is a coupling
4 timedir9 implement Possibility 3 (at the end of the paragraph)
4 timedir13 Very unfinished and pretty scary too
5 netreal3, netreal4 retype Turbo Pascal PROGRAM BertKlaasDeeltjes
8 qqd9#qqd92 Each of these two quarks has color too and each color consists of two Pauli matrices
9 netqcd6#qcd53Conjecture: in a sense that there is no net Higgs field absorption and thus no gravitation and no time
9 netqcd6#qcd59 The h-c conjecture
9 netqcd10 p8 of QCD, Color confinement. Reread & revise.
9 netqcd16#qcd2 An early effort - Work out & finish diagram with 3 colors
10 mass2 Here I am
11 grav8#grav81 The sagging in of shells at vacuum marble level
11 grav8#grav82 The sagging in of shells propagation speed
11 grav1 Incorporate the uncertainty relations as superposition of states; the 3 actions of QED
12 grav7#grav72 (2.7) - (2.9) Does the black glueball have mass?
12 grav9.html#grav80 Construct the vacuum from sole color 1 spin 0 gluons. But this trick can be applied to the sole color -1 spin 0 gluon too and that's not what we want.
12 grav3.html#grav86 If Pauli matrices determine color AND spin, then when one multiplication order is forbidden, because e.g. yielding -i, then also one spin is forbidden, e.g. spin down. This is the hallmark of the weak force.
12 grav10 Is Neutrino 1 and Neutrino 2 solved by the view of qg4 and qg5?
13 grav2#grav23 Transform disordered motion into an orderly expansion
13 grav2#grav29 Gas cooling by highly negative curvature? (column at the right)
13 expan2.html#expan13 The sink drain
13 expan2.html#expan4 The bouncing ball
13 expan2.html#expan7 The only clue for dark matter (column at the right)
13 expan3.html tekst in this font
13 expan3.html#expan33 Dark matter and inflation: black and white glueballs
14 sr8.htmlDeriving SR from QM
14 sea3.html#sea32 Gluons and photons outside of time
21 cir12.html Calculations (column at the right)