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   An algorithm for copying a brain part

When all this comes to existence, the world has just begun.

The process
One day millions of nanorobots will travel through the bloodstream to the human brain. They travel in adapted cells or otherwise come to agreement with the immune system. Their target is a chosen part of the brain. Arrived at the destination the nanorobots leave their cells and enter a neuron, until every cell of the chosen brain part contains one nanorobot.

Maybe the robot consists, amongst other parts, of a grid that spreads itself out over the inner wall of the cell. Or maybe it looks like a squid, or spider, a central spherical core and long flexible arms reaching out from it, spreading out over the inner wall of the cell.

Next the robots in different cells make contact with each other. One nanorobot in a cell makes all the axons of the cell to fire simultaneously. Or maybe one after the other. The nanorobots in the other cells of the brain part measure whether simultaneously a signal arrives. If so, then apparently there is an axon connection between the two neurons. If not, then apparently this connection does not exist. One after the other all nanorobots execute this procedure. Every time the result of each measurement is sent to a computer outside storing the data, along with the precise location (which nanorobot and where it is) and time of the measurement. Over time a map is constructed of the exact structure of the investigated brain part, all cell locations and all connections between them. When the map is ready, the nanorobots in the brainpart are not needed any more for the present task. The person in which all this is happening might die some day, but the map of the brain part remains.

It is a healthy brain part, we know that. The person in who this is happening, is chosen for that. Elsewhere is a person with this brain part being wrong, e.g. a hemorrhage has damaged the brainpart beyond repair. Nanorobots let the brain part die and drain the dead cells.

Somewhere else in the patient is initiated growth of new brain cells, most probably from stem cells. As soon as a new cell is formed, one nanorobot enters it. They let the new brain cells migrate to the died-off and drained brain part and incite the new neurons to form as much axon connections as possible. This goes on until the new brain part has as much as possible each neuron connected with every other neuron via two neurons, one back, one forth. Just as it is in the growing brain of a fetus. There are also long axons connections to other brain parts.

The nanorobots in the new cells measure their absolute position by a kind of “nano-gps” and the computer outside forms a map of the locations of all new brain cells. The computer now searches for every registered neuron in the map of the healthy person a corresponding neuron (same relative location) in the new brain part of the patient.

Then the computer starts to gauge the new brain part cell connections. Every time there is a connection between two cells in the map, the computer makes the nanorobots in the corresponding pair of cells in the new brain to fire signals through the proper axon connecting those two cells, just as if the neuron itself was firing. Only that specific axon and not the other axons of the new neuron.
Using the axon strengthens the connection, this is a natural process. This procedure is carried out for all pairs of neurons in the new brain part that are known to have a connection in the healthy brain.
All axons that did not exist in the healthy brain part, will in the new brain part not be strengthened and will be made to disappear. Perhaps prolonged blocking is sufficient, this also is a natural process, (use it or lose it).
Now one has made a quite accurate copy from the brain part structure in the healthy person to the same location in the patient's brain.

These days in schizophrenia is assumed not only the structure of the brain went wrong, but even long after multiple genes are still doing all kinds of things wrong. It first has to be found out what precisely is schizophrenia at cell level. But for convenience here on this site, suppose it turns out to be useful to replace a brainpart in the patient by a healthy brainpart structure. The brain part copying process can be carried out as described, but when they start to make new brain cells from stem cells, then first nanorobots enter 1 (or some more) of those new cells, one nanorobot per cell, and head for the nucleus. No spreading out over the cell's inner surface yet. They penetrate the nucleus with their long thin arms and intrude the DNA. One by one they manually replace wrong pieces of DNA by right pieces, handed by nanorobots outside the cell that reach inside with an arm, until finally a proper functioning brain cell has been made - brain cell or stem cell, we have to see what works the best. Where necessary they synthesize DNA on the spot. These cells then are incited to grow and replicate to the endless row of new brain cells that migrate to the place where the new brain part has to become. The new brain part will be made of healthy cells. Then the schizophrenia should be cured.

The copying of brain parts seems a routinely process, to be carried out by a computer. When youíre done with your own brain and like to have a new one for a while, itís just possible. Whatever damage you do to your brain, when you carefully mapped its original structure you will be able to return to your old natural state, if you choose so.

There are a number of questions left. We know little about the brain yet. Does one (partially) think with its DNA? How much of the brain's activity happens IN the neuron (but outside the nucleus)? How does the memory work? Are there memory molecules drifting IN the cell? Or as a protein shell around the so called junk DNA? Or around the axons, in the myelin sheath? Or in some membranes? The long axons connecting to other brain parts further away, how will they be installed properly? If a brain part is just altered a little bit, e.g. at some location the number of existing neurons is enlarged, does the nucleus notice this and take measures and restore old condition? Are all brain functions well separated in brain parts?
Nanorobots first have to find out.

First I thought, they can make nanorobots in the way computer chips are made. But one needs flexible robots that can do things, not only rigid chips. Maybe printing will come to the rescue, I heard about “printing an object atom by atom”. That sounds promising. We will see.

There is plenty energy in the body, but one has to found out how to use it. And is such a robot able to send a signal to a computer? Will the nanorobot be made of carbon (buckyballs), will the grid be made of graphene?

Some applications
Suppose one can learn by copying the memory brain part of someone that already knows. How the world will be when many years of education can be learned in the time the brain parts need to grow in? When the necessary skills for any job can be copied in the same amount of time? One outstanding skill is the brain part copying process itself.

Sport skills, musicians and a lot of labor are often a combination of the muscle coordination brain part AND the muscles themselves, their number, precise shape and relative location. Which could be called the “muscle brain”. Muscle brain is not in the head, of course. It is in the body, often all over the body. But in principle, as one copies usual brain, similarly one can copy muscle brain too, I presume.
Since speed is essential here, the DNA of the muscle cells must be involved. So you have to copy that DNA first to a few cells that subsequently replicate to the innumerable cells from which you're going to build the body.

Consider a brain part that in normal circumstances has a lot of connections with several nearby brain parts. I expect the brain parts of emotion to be so. The new brain part, after it has grown in and all connections are made, needs some time to adapt. The new and old brain parts and their connections have to adjust to each other, fine-tune their operation. This is a natural process, taking its own way. Or does it need guidance? Will it take days, weeks, months or years, before full adaption has been completed? During that time one feels its own mind slowly changing, I expect.

Will people do the brain part copying process themselves, even with such a tricky thing like emotions? I think they will IF the process needs guidance for years. The only person willing to do that might be you yourself, with the help of friends and family of course, or members of your group.

The copying process is not creative. But if creativity is in a brain part and you copy that brain part, you will still have copied creativity. We will see.

And when you can learn any language without effort? There will be one chosen language spoken all over earth. While one, two or three mother languages will be kept alive too, I expect.

Instead of actively regulating things in the brain, nanorobots also could react passively. When adapted to the task, will they be able to recognize intention commands and transmit them to outside machinery that carry out desired actions? Will it be possible to keep an isolated brain part alive? How the world will be when cars are driven by an isolated copy of the coordination brain part? When you can grow in the main parts of your brain in any kind of robot, any kind of machine, will you be able to enter outer space, the bottom of the sea, without a rocket or submarine? Next page, paragraph “Will a nanogrid ever be able to simulate the cell it is in?” works out this view a little bit more.

Will nanorobots in the memory cells (supposing there exist something like memory cells) be able to make contact with outside libraries and use them as if it were your own cells in your own brain working? The libraries then are no books nor internet pages or something. It are memory cell libraries storing knowledge in the same way as is done in your brain.
(I have red so much scientific articles and since I have red them I should have their knowledge at hand. But this is not the case. I don't remember the articles properly and only when re-reading I recognize. Re-reading the articles themselves, I mean, not just re-reading in my mind.)

When you can grow in main parts of your brain in the body of animals, will you feel how it is to be a bear, a dolphin, a condor, a tiger?
(To be fair, meant is to let grow in a human brain structure made of condor cells in the condor. Condor neurons might be different from human neurons and the human structure might be able to grow in but subsequently fails to operate properly. We will see.)

And at interrogation in justice, when the memory of a criminal or supposed terrorist can be copied to a volunteer and then just ask the volunteer?
(Criminals will try to erase the memory of the crime. We know too little from the brain to judge whether full erasure is feasible. They'll even try to install new courses of events, which is still more difficult to make it look real.)

How the world will be when you copy all your brain cells onto themselves, each cell replaced by a fresh new copy of it, with repaired DNA and all? You will have to do this with ALL the cells of your body! You will live longer. You can make copies of yourself. If you die you (well, some of the other you's then) can rebuild yourself. You will live forever, if you like. These are large tasks requiring advanced control over the human cell copying process.

And properties like reliability and confidence, will this be replicable? Honesty, enthusiasm for your work, conscientiousness and the ability to enjoy the morning when a new day has begun? The ability to be happy in the circumstances you have chosen?

I guess in a lot of cases it will not be necessary to copy the whole brain part. It will be sufficient to adjust brain properties, like number of axons, emitted amount of neurotransmitter, genes methylizing, and so on. The nanorobots have a lot to do and a lot to learn how.

And when you copy the important brain parts of your partner into your skull, next to the corresponding parts in your own brain, will you finally understand him, or her? You copy the feeling brain parts of your partner next to your own feelings in your brain and connect the new cells to other brain parts just as your own feeling cells are. The two sets of feeling are both provided with a kind of dimmer switch. You can let come up one set at will and let fade out the second, then let the second set slowly come up again, and so on. You can keep the second set as long as you need and then finally let it disappear again. And so, when circumstances require, will become clear how the both of you can adjust their feelings to each other in order to continue the relationship. Then you anyway will have the choice things that started in love not to let end in war.

You can demand to execute this procedure before you enter a relationship that is meant to get children. Would that do?

The cells the copy is made of, might be a tricky one. Suppose you are a male and want to grow in the female feelings of your partner. It is probable the female brain not only differs in structure but in the use of the DNA too. So the cells the copy is made of better be with the female DNA of your partner, especially the X-chromosome. There might be more on the X-chromosome than just the wanted properties. The most easy way might be still to copy the entire chromosome and then methylize the unwanted genes and watch they stay methylized.
Supposed is the female brain parts do not need the female DNA of e.g. neighboring brain parts. The female DNA in the copied brain parts should be sufficient. We will see.

The male will be able to feel how it is to have a baby, in all its details.

And children? When adults live longer there are in proportion lesser children. Their brains grow too fast for their cells to host nanorobots in a useful way. I hope autism and psychosis will be cured early, they steer the brain growth. But on the average children will be left alone. They will be able to enjoy their whole youth as they like. Yes, I like children.

Some social aspects
Nowadays people cannot trust each other. But they do trust each otherís money!

Suppose you can read each otherís mind. Suppose you can read each otherís feelings too. And suppose you can adjust your feelings to each other when circumstances require. When these three abilities are achieved, you can trust each other instead of the money!

Suppose you let grow in the ability to enjoy the morning when a new day has begun, and enthusiasm to do your work, and all the necessary knowledge and skills needed for your job. For you it will be easy to do your job. People around you will trust you in your job.

When all just do their jobs and none cares about the money, in principle the group will function pretty well without money. I donít say money will entirely disappear, but it will loose importance and the financial sector will shrink.

People will preferably copy brain parts from their family, or their own kind, own race, same sex. This can be expected to tighten family bonds and widen gaps between groups that have no copied brain part connections. Within such a group of families one will be invited to be their doctor, another one to be their advocate, a third to be their baker, and so on.

People will become less dependent from outside doctors, teachers, employers, lawyers, real estate brokers, banks, the government and news media. They can do a lot more themselves, learn it in the time needed to let grow in the knowledge and the skills. I donít say they actually will do all this, but when circumstances require, they can.

Education and care will be done almost entirely by themselves. If necessary they built their own houses. They make a lot of things themselves, somewhere in the group. They seldom ask for help. For everything they weigh “Do we accept the price? Or shall we do it ourselves?” The import of goods and services will diminish severely.

They don't need to go out to work for others, to earn money. They don't need money to buy things or services. They work for themselves, for their own group. The export of goods and services will severely diminish too.

Economically the group will almost disappear from the map.

When you need a bread, you go to the baker. He says ďI know you, you have adapted yourself, I can trust you,Ē and you just get the bread. Reliability will be the new money. Unadapted people will not be trusted and they don't get a bread, eventually even not for money.

People will be asked to adapt or to leave the group. They can leave but will soon find out other groups ask likewise adjustments. They can form a new group, but soon find out asking the same requirements from the group members.

Of course we can't be sure until we know how the brain works. But when the brain part copying process exists, I think fear will be cured, and autism, depression, psychosis and addiction. Prisons, hospitals, mental ill institutions and nursing homes will become empty. Unemployed people will be able to grab themselves together and make something of their lives. Very poor populations will be able to raise an entire civilization within years, instead of decades or centuries - or still longer.

Two groups who have decided to trust each other can have tourism on the base of exchange programs. Or maybe still for money. Import and export diminish, the need to lower the currency in order to be more competitive or the fear for hyperinflation looses importance, so I guess there will be one currency all over earth.

People will be able to write a complete government proposal provided with all numerical details fully passed on by calculation, or at least one person of the group will perform the task. There will be government proposal companies where you can get such a proposal. You can adjust the proposal to your own opinion and let it recalculate by the company you have got it from. Then you present this as “This is how I want this country to be!” INSTEAD of your vote once every four years.

Such a proposal will be simpler than it would be now. They don't need a government for education, care, employment, economy and financials. Maybe for defense and justice, continent-wide energy supply, traffic and dikes.

When all this comes to existence, the world has just begun.

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Whatís in there?

The key to reality. All of reality.

Mind we do not know how the brain works. That is, not in such detail. So it cannot be judged whether the things mentioned in this page can come to existence or not. It is my estimation. Proper estimation will start when a nanorobot can enter a human cell without disturbing its functions. Not expected before the year 2100.

in you

The bright sun is the Face of God, mark the expression on the face. That large column is an advertising column. It advertizes life, life itself. The boy and the girl only have eye for each other. They do not see where they are getting into. That spiderlike robots are nanorobots, so small they can enter a single brain cell without disturbing it function. Their long arms spread over the inner surface of the cell and gauge the axons. They are going to teach God a lesson.

With thanks to
Pablo Picasso


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