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The sea of possibilities

Let's return to the brain part copying process of page 1 of this storyline. Will telepathy be possible? As far as we know there is no telepathy in nowadays nature. We cannot copy a telepathy brain part.

Suppose, from another person you copy into yourself, into your skull, the brain part with which that person thinks. The copy is grown in next to your own brain parts, the copy does not replace anything. The nanorobots in the cells of the original brain part in the other person precisely register the important activity of the cell they are in. In each cell of the copy in your head is a nanorobot that online forces that cell to act and react precisely as the original does at the same location in the brain of the other person. Then you momentarily think what the other person thinks, along with your own thoughts, as long as the nanorobots are engaged. Of course the brain part is provided with a dimmer switch.

Mind you only copied the thinking brain part, so you only get through the thoughts. To actually feel what the other person feels you have to copy the feeling brain parts too.

So the copy might think and feel as the original, but the rest of your brain might not be able to understand the results, to interpret them. E.g. the person is a professor in mathematics and thinks about some mathematical structures, its proofs and so on. If you don't know anything about mathematics, you will not be able to follow the arguments. For that you need to copy the mathematical brain parts too and the corresponding memory part.

This forced example of telepathy will always be possible, but might turn out laborious when the brain parts don't match. When the two brain parts do match, two professors in mathematics, two mothers about their children, instant telepathy might be possible somehow.

Which mother does not want to know what her baby thinks and feels, all the time? But as said, most probably youth brains grow too fast to host nanorobots in a useful way. So this is not recommended.

Invisible to the eye, innumerous strings of nanorobots drift through the air. When they touch the hair, the skin or anything they stick and silently crawl inside. They settle in the brain, waiting for the night to come. And when the person is asleep, they first make sure to keep it asleep as long as needed. They start to replace brain parts. And when the morning dawns, the entire population has been taken over.

When a neuron already hosts a (friendly) nanorobot, a fight can be expected between the friendly robot and the intruder.
Maybe an attempt to take over the friendly nanorobot is performed, by something outside, by logging in to the vital systems of the friendly nanorobot.
The computer outside that governs the friendly nanorobots, can be hacked.

There will be loners, people who do not live with others. Everybody know them, they will have a kind of mythological status. And because they are known and because they are few, they will be protected. But people in large numbers living without knowing each other, like people do now, is in fact no longer possible. It is by far too dangerous.

Will there be slaves? Will the technique be misused to create new races of slaves? What are slaves?

The company asked for a special kind of miners for a special kind of planet in another solar system. They should meet the loneliness, the darkness, the lower temperature, the heavier weight, the different atmospheric circumstances.

Let's start from nowadays circumstances. This is not true, in the future times to come I think poor people will have more choices, they will not have to do this kind of things. With the brain part copying technique they will be able to grab themselves together and make something from their lives more than they can do now.
But well, just as an exercise of mind, let's start from nowadays conditions.

1. The family was poor and desperate. They took the chance and transformed themselves to the new live form that was needed and were employed. The changes altered their emotions, their minds and bodies severely, but along with the changes they let grow in the ability to be happy in the circumstances they had chosen. They got children that from the beginning didn't ever wanted to be different. When somebody would have tried to change them back, they would have fight for their freedom to maintain their happiness and prosperity. A new species was born.

2. The dictatorial regime designated the family to become the miners the country needed. They were forced to undergo the changes in their body, mind and emotions. To be sure of their loyalty, they were supplied by the ability to be happy in the circumstances the regime had chosen. And so they were, happy and prosperous and when anybody would have tried to return them to their original state, they would fight them to defend their live and happiness. A new species was born.

3. Somewhere else in another country. The group was unanimous convinced they need the miners. Not just miners, these one have to adapt their bodies, their minds and their emotions to be able to do the work properly for the long time to come. A family that would do it was found, but their sacrifice would be softened by they would let grow in the ability to be happy in the circumstances that had been chosen. And the family knew they would be happy and prosperous and if anyone would try to convert them back, they would fight their existence. A new species was born.

New species arise, their origin of lesser importance.

When I got lesser worried about the adults, I got more worried about the children. Nowadays, children in fact are the property of their parents. In a lot of countries the parents have full governance over the child. In times to come this will not change too much, I guess. So who protects the children from misuse by their parents? The group members? And when the whole group shows that kind of habits?

The only thing I can come up with, is the children will not be child forever. Once they became adult they will take measures. Remove the abuse memory from their minds, find adults practicing the misuse and bring them to justice somehow, make sure they wouldn't do this to their own children and if there is no other way than to move then they do. But it is late, remote and unsure.

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