The meeting

The sea of possibilities

How they managed to arrange it, I don't know, but there was going to happen a discussion between a bright and a dark person. One person made of matter, forward time evolving, and one person made of antimatter, backward time evolving. It was not a real meeting, that wouldn't do, both persons would explode.

Now you are in place there, one thousand kilometers distance between you and the other, the time border precisely between the two of you. You will have a video conversation. The discussion language is English. I mean English has managed to spread all over the world, so why shouldn't it have spread all over the universe? Every response is reproduced first in its original form directly followed by the same message spoken out in reverse time direction, the wrong way round, as to speak. The other person, since backward time evolving, always first hears the reversed version, which is the proper version for him, her or it.

You are about to ask your first question. Suddenly the reply comes in. You were about to ask Where are you from?, but since the answer already had come in and the place referred to is quite a distance away, you decided to ask a different question. But first your saved the given coordinates manually to a memory. Then you ask: How does your rocket engine works? Several minutes you wait for an answer, but nothing came. Suddenly you realized the answer, like all backward time evolving answers, always precedes the question and must already have been given. Quickly you re-listen the conversation's recording and yes, there it is: a long text accompanied by a real stack of animated pictures. I realized this answer has overwritten the answer of their location. I quickly checked the manually stored coordinates, and yes, they are still there. Suddenly the stranger's voice came in. How many nuclear bombs do you have the stranger asked. I realized that what happened to me, must happen now to him. Her. It. It had planned to ask a question, I had replied before the question was posed, and it decided to ask another question. I wondered what that other question could have been. Maybe it was: With how many people are you? Mmmm, I thought, why should it want to know how many bombs we have. A serious question! I decided not to answer. But since it had asked its second question, the answer at the first question must already have been received. While the answer at the second would appear in its conversation's recordings. How does this work. Since the past had changed more than once, I must have clicked on a different past every time there. Then at the same moments a different future time line must have clicked-on. I realized I had to be careful what time line I am ending in.

So far the discussion between the dark and the bright person. The discussion is specked by time travel inconsistencies, solved here by clicking on to alternative time lines (I tried to work this out in the storyline The direction of time).

But maybe it is not necessary to introduce other time lines, existing as universes superposed to ours. There still can be other solutions. It is better to solve the forward-time-evolving versus backward-time-evolving issues at the level of elementary particles first, as a first try is given in paragraph The time border and the gluon of color 1 at page 3 of QG. And from there try to solve this for still larger systems.