No past. No future.

Is the now of the rocket really the time of the clock just passing you? Is the color of the clock at that time really the color in which the rocket can be considered to be now (now = your now)? This rocket slice wherein you accidentally happened to be in with your clock, is in fact as good as every other rocket slice. Suppose you move away from the rocket (slowly please! We don't want to introduce significant distortions because of your movements!) and see it becoming smaller and smaller. (no sr - just ordinary perspective!) The only thing you notice is that rainbow of colors that seem to move along the rocket windows.

This movement of by example the piece of red, is faster than light and moves in direction of motion of the rocket. For subsequent lower rocket velocities the velocity of such a color approaches infinity. For subsequent higher rocket velocities the color velocity slows down to lightspeed. When the rocket actually moves with lightspeed, so do the colors. Then the rocket cannot go faster and the colors not slower.

The color velocity, say the velocity of one moment in rocket time, is

This is the opposite of the coefficient before the x in the lorentz transformation of time.

So the only thing you see is a rainbow of colors speeding by faster than light behind the rocket windows, all colors as real as can be and all clocks lighted by that colors just as real as well. It is only because you agreed on forehand upon which rocket clock is giving the now-moment (your now) - at the rocket clocks themselves is nothing special to see. There is no dissimilarity between a specific moment in the past, or in the future, of the rocket and the moments (one left and one right) directly next to it. There is no now different from what happened - or happens - before or thereafter. The rocket doesn't have a now no more and hence no past and no future. The space in the rocket, the space of the rocket, the space that is moving along with the rocket and with respect to which the rocket is standing still - that space is not essentially different from our own space (this is the application of the axiom velocity is relative!) Therefore all this holds for our own space too.

Our space, our 4 dimensional spacetime, doesn't have a now different from all the other moments in the past or the future. It doesn't have a past. Nor a future.