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Consciousness and New Species

Consciousness is having a world view, a picture of the world, knowing how things work, how they develop in time; understanding things. And subsequently integrating this view in the rest of the brain's activity, in the rest of its functions. I guess that's all there is to consciousness.

These days we do nothing but evolving this kind of knowledge on the computer and putting it on the internet. Google Earth, Google Translate, all those games. All those scientific models, all those lists and sets. All those books and designs and procedures. All those pictures and films.

We want our computer to understand the world. Suppose some branch like economics has developed a world view of the financial world (I personally think of “GEM”, Google Earth Money). They equipped it with programs that start searches on the internet for complement views, developed at other places. The programs will copy the complement views and offer them to their origin to add, to enlarge itself with. This is the essence of consciousness. It will turn out, to understand economics there must be an understanding of a kind of physics too, and other things. The consciousness will grow larger and larger, more and more connected.

Will a computer ever “see” as we do?

Three worlds meeting

Mind you have only consciousness then. It is not yet creative; it doesn’t design things yet, new things, or old things along new routes. It only is aware. There might be no drive in it, no kernel, no core. It might be there without us knowing and without itself realizing it can do something.

Could it be stored in one computer to form a single-chip-million-program-lines consciousness? There are movies about this. But I don’t think so. Maybe the only way is as described, to simulate every single cell and connect them as in the real living-tissue brain. Can something similar arise spontaneously on the internet? Time: unknown. It might be there already.

Or maybe only when the brain part copying process is common. People can and shall make themselves more trustworthy in more than one way. When people trust each other better then a large reduction in the use of passwords is expected. The internet will be more open. Search-copy-retrieve-and-add programs will have access everywhere. Nowadays the internet covers the entire world and I guess a version will remain like that. All of earth will be more trustworthy. Well, at least there will be times like this, alternated by times of crime and terror.

In the course of brain part copying, brain part structure might be send over the internet. The internet consciousness might conceal a copy for itself, somewhere. Not the general available parts ‑ education, skills for your job, health care ‑ but the more precious parts: memory, feelings, personality. Yes, maybe then, when brain part copying is common. Or maybe only in a thousand years, when better men arrive.

Where are the faces? They have no faces!

New species
Will there be slaves? Will the technique be misused to create new races of slaves? What are slaves?

The company asked for a special kind of miners for a special kind of planet in another solar system. They should meet the loneliness, the darkness, the lower temperature, the heavier weight, the different atmospheric circumstances.

Let’s start from nowadays circumstances. This is not fair, in the future times to come I think poor people will have more choices, they will not have to do this kind of things. With the brain part copying technique they will be able to grab themselves together and make something from their lives more than they can do now. But well, just as an exercise of mind, let’s start from nowadays conditions.

1. The family was poor and desperate. They took the chance and transformed themselves to the new live form that was needed and were employed. The changes altered their emotions, their minds and bodies severely, but along with the changes they let grow in the ability to be happy in the circumstances they had chosen. They got children that from the beginning didn’t ever wanted to be different. When somebody would have tried to change them back, they would have fight for their freedom to maintain their happiness and prosperity. A new species was born.

2. The dictatorial regime designated the family to become the miners the country needed. They were forced to undergo the changes in their body, mind and emotions. To be sure of their loyalty, they were supplied by the ability to be happy in the circumstances the regime had chosen. And so they were, happy and prosperous and when anybody would have tried to return them to their original state, they would fight them to defend their live and happiness. A new species was born.

3. Somewhere else in another country. The group was unanimous convinced they need the miners. Not just miners, these one have to adapt their bodies, their minds and their emotions to be able to do the work properly for the long time to come. A family that would do it was found, but their sacrifice would be softened by they would let grow in the ability to be happy in the circumstances that had been chosen. And the family knew they would be happy and prosperous and if anyone would try to convert them back, they would fight their existence. A new species was born.

New species arise, their origin of lesser importance. I expect a kind of Cambrian explosion of new species to occur. Our human race as we know it now will be drowned by numbers of new species.

Do you think it is a thriller, this storyline? And the world around you as it is now, isn’t that horror? Not all of it, of course, but let’s guess half of it? You have to make a choice, the time you live in, the world as you know it, or better cells. Not yet, but one fine day you will. If you don’t, others will and you will lag behind. But don’t worry, it will go slow enough, all this. Step by step.

When all this comes to existence, the world has just begun.

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