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Name, usual name
Date and place of birth
Sex, marital status
Albertus Petrus Kiekens, Bert
Hygieaplein 25 hs
1076 RP Amsterdam
26 june 1956 at Breda, Netherlands
Male, unmarried, no children
Photo is from 2006
Sept 1968 - july 1972, Atheneum, no certificate
Sept 1985 - june 1987, University of Leiden, Physics, no qualifications achieved
Minor pains in the back
Falling asleep often takes a long time, the sleep might be irregular
Kidney disease nefrotic syndrome “minimal change”
Wearing glasses

Personal properties
Good expression-ability in Dutch as well as in English
Accurate, working well independently. Calm, patient, friendly.

People usually say my social ability is good. However, to make friendly contact is difficult. The contact “sandpapers”. I had a brief sparse medical on autism and was diagnosed pdd-nos. As the psychiatrist said, I am “touched by autism”. There is autism in the family. The face-recognition is a little retarded. Emotion-recognition is all right.

It is difficult to stand the hard music of the popular commercial broadcasts every working day. I prefer no music at work.

Work experience
First day Last day Employer, Function, Location
19-04-2017 Nov 2017 Voluntary jobs in gardening at private persons
15-04-2011 01-01-2015 Unemployed, except for one week here, 10 days there; it’s crisis now.
4.5 month in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
2.5 month in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
12-07-2010 29-08-2010 Temporary employment agency Olympia, cleaner at cleaning EW at Schiphol
23-11-2009 12-02-2010 ICA Islamic College Amsterdam, unqualified teacher mathematics and physics
Temporary employment agency Axxicom
1) Cleaner, mainly at cleaning GOM at Schiphol (terminals, halls, toilet services)
2) Large dishwasher machine and flow production at Prorest Catering
jun 2008 Aug 2009 Primary school “Nicolaas Maes”, 12.00-13.00 class-keeper, Amsterdam
Apr 2003 Dec 2007 Primary school “2th Daltonschool”, 12.00-13.00 class-keeper, Willem Witsenstraat, Amsterdam
Jan 2003 Dec 2008 Several private persons in Amsterdam, baby-sit at people’s home
Dec 2000 31-10-2002 Several private persons in Amsterdam, cleaning people’s home
Hotel Bonaire, Hotel Prins Hendrik, Hotel Seven Bridges, and other hotels in Amsterdam
Cleaner hotel rooms
Werkmaatschappij Oost
Collaborator Collection Maintenance (Melkert-job)
Zoological Museum Amsterdam

Hobbies - Skills - Lifestyle
I master the mathematics and physics preceding to university sufficiently to teach them. My knowledge above that level is far too little and fragmentary to teach them well. My ideas on physics are in my site Leandra Physics, its contents always to be accessed by clicking the black dot Back to the Contents.

Walk in babysuit. I make the clothes myself and I have become skillful in making them. It expresses my sexual preference (O) to be treated as a baby by a woman that I like. It is fashion only; the pieces I wear are not to be used as sexual attributes. I like girls.

I like to work with children and have a lot of experience in the ages 4 up to 12. Making contact with children gives seldom problems and cost me no effort.
I am not sure if it is necessary to mention it explicitly, but my desire to take care for children is not grounded in any sexual feeling.

Nordic Walking. Well, I haven't done that for years. I used to walk until I was soaking sweat all over and no matter how bad I slept before, after it I felt no tiredness no more for the rest of the day. When you use your arms intensively, you can work out nordic walking at any level you choose.